The Impact of Goodwell Investment in Africa

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Goodwell investment scheme, launched in 2005 has held 5 funding strategies worth over $100 million. The company also focuses on early-investment enterprises in technology and finance disciplines, especially in India and Africa regions.  Besides, in January 2018, the company managed to raise 20 million euros from 30 investors across Sub-Saharan Africa. The scheme heavily invests in public transport, rural banking, mobile payment, housing finance, and merchant payment technologies.

The prerequisites requirements for Goodwell funds constitutes of equity stake (minority stakes), financial position and business development stage of the business.

The initiative key objectives entail financial inclusion, income-generating business, fintech among other deserving sectors of the economy. Subgoals include the provision of management skills, capital, and mentorship programs to businesses that produce goods.

Nico Blaauw, the marketing, and communications director said that the initiative covers Southern, West and East Africa countries.  Additionally, the distribution of 20 million investment funds will portion a half for fintech funding, transport, agriculture, sanitation, health, and education.

The investment application form constitutes of business model, amount of funding raised and updated business transactions questions.

The system does not have strict application deadlines. However, interested startups that apply early increase their chances of selection.


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