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Konga 9th Anniversary Ends Tomorrow With Live Auction

credit: Konga

TechInAfrica – The 9th Anniversary of composite e-commerce of Konga is celebrated with a bunch of discounts and deals which last on Monday, 5 July.

People have flooded both the online shop and some choose purchase through the physical store.

One business owner, Aminu Muhammed shared that as a bulk trader, he decided to visit the Konga store to look for the special deals and offers, adding that “Usually, a lot of traffic is recorded online as more people prefer to shop that way because of convenience. But my strategy has always been to go to the store and as usual, I was able to get some very good deals.”

Among the sold products are fashion, baby essentials, beauty kits, home utensils, smartphones, computers, and accessories.

The live auction will take place on Monday.



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