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A Local Multi-Partner Incubation Opens New Opportunities for Rwandan Startups


TechInAfrica – A Rwandan incubation program has opened new opportunities for tech-enabled local startups to expand their business ideas. The program is opened for techpreneurs, law, and finance graduate in the country.

The program is part of the 250 startups initiative and currently running its third cohort of the program. Ten selected startup applicants will join a six-month incubation program which will prepare them with technical, advisory, and financial assistance to create a scalable and fundable business.

According to Charles Shyaka, the 250 Startups Incubation Program Manager, the program will also assist the selected startups in building the software and hardware needed to create marketable products.

250 Startups Incubation Program Opens New Opportunities for Rwandan Startups
The 250 Startups Incubation Program Opens New Opportunities for Rwandan Startups via

“After building their working prototype, a startup founder will get financial assistance to be able to go to the field and talk to potential clients to see if what they built is needed on the market,” said Shyka to through a phone interview.

Moreover, they will also receive legal and financial services support to make a sustainable business in the incubation program.

The program is part of its ambitious missions to promote the ICT sector in the country with young entrepreneurs as the focus center. The program’s expecting to have around 100 startups by 2025 with a net worth of $50 million.

This year’s cohort already opens and closes on May 31, 2019.  For further information about the program and registration, please visit the 250StartUp Rwanda website at



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