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The Essentials of SaaS Implementation According to Ryan Barlow, CIO at e4


TechInAfrica – Gartner research shows that by 2020, all new entrants and 80% of historical vendors will offer subscription-based business models. As of this matter, Ryan Barlow, Chief Information Officer at e4 says that the challenge will be about navigating the change management for better implementation of Software as a Service (SaaS) within organizations.

“According to Gartner, addressing SaaS change management is ranked among the top five SaaS challenges for technical professionals. This is easy to believe when you consider the unique nature of SaaS and the resulting challenges that emanate when implementing. There is a clear need for new change management strategies for SaaS to be successfully implemented,” said Barlow.

Ryan Barlow, Chief Information Officer at e4
Ryan Barlow, Chief Information Officer at e4 via

Barlow said that organizations must address the lack of trust at the service. He noted that companies are not at risk for putting the company’s confidential information into a cloud, instead make it more effective.

“We need to gain a better understanding of the benefits this approach brings as opposed to simply focusing on the perceived risks. IDC predicts that 60% of cloud spend by 2020 will go to SaaS deployments. The trend is there and if businesses want to reach their full potential and compete effectively, transitioning to SaaS is essential.”

Barlow explains that cloud services are one of the fastest growing platforms in the world and offer significant outcome: “Today’s C-level executives face far bigger obstacles than ever before, but they need to be overcome if the company wants to remain relevant. Learning to thrive in a rapidly changing IT environment will greatly assist in developing competitive market advantages.”

Illustration of SaaS Service
Illustration of SaaS Service via

Barlow furthermore says that SaaS offers the reliability of software solutions as well as versatility. It improves cost-effectiveness and secures: “It’s pervasive connectivity assists when streamlining business models.  There is also tremendous value when hosting off-premise.”

SaaS offers effectivity compared to traditional software and better assist overall management of IT operations. He highlighted that SaaS is more stable, reliable, and less risky.

However, Barlow says that there’s the need for IT professionals to embrace cloud platforms, particularly SaaS. He suggests for adequate preparation and research to change management where he finds it critical.



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