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M-Pesa, The First African FinTech to Join United for Wildlife Financial Taskforce


TechInAfrica – It has been announced that M-Pesa becomes the first mobile money provider in Africa that joins the alliance of foundations created to confront the illegal wildlife trade, called Financial Taskforce. This foundation was established by the United for Wildlife in Africa. 

This mobile money system becomes the most famous financial services provider in Africa and has been acknowledged as the superior financial technology platform across the continent. Actively used by 41.5 million customers in seven countries in Africa, M-Pesa produces more than 12,2 billion transactions per annum. There are many advantages provided by this platform, including allowing individuals and businesses to pay bills, make savings and loan accounts, and entree overdraft facilities, commercial services, and healthcare.

According to Diego Gutierrez, the Vodacom Group International Markets Chief Officer, financial institutions and the private sector are responsible to use their power to aid in maintaining the world’s natural heritage by beating illegal funds from the prohibited wildlife trade. Vodacom Group through M-Pesa is delighted to become a part of the foundation with various other signatories to help the United for Wildlife Financial Taskforce.

The global pandemic brought a large effect on the tourism industry in Africa that has had a knock-on effect on the conservation sector. This effect will be in months or years before many African countries can recover their lost income as the impact of global travel limitations. 

.In 2018, United for Wildlife’s Financial TaskForce is created through the Declaration signed at Mansion House in London. The declaration devotes signatories to utilize the financial ability and resources to assist law social control efforts to prosecute the illegal wildlife trade’s biggest receivers.



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