Manufacturing industry Prepares for Digital Manufacturing Africa 2019


TechInAfrica — The Digital Manufacturing Africa summit will be held on the 27th of November 2019 at the Altron Conference Centre in Midrand. The topic will include AI, IIoT, and Automation, which transforms the manufacturing field, with digitization at every CxO’s main agenda.

in order to stay competitive in the current economic climate, adopting new radical approaches to digital transformation in manufacturing is critical. Studies show that the adoption of new technologies such as IIoT, AI, automation, analytics, and cloud has been slow in the manufacturing industry, where a mindset shift needs to happen in order to boost efficiency and product quality and reduce operational costs. This needs to be a coordinated, strategic effort to increase revenue and stave off the competition.

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Digital Manufacturing Africa 2019 will expose the importance and benefits of implementing new technologies and methodologies in manufacturing. This event will discuss how manufacturers can migrate from complex legacy systems and digitally transform their operations in order to improve efficiency and maximize profits.

It will also discuss how companies can help their employees and stakeholders embrace digitization in order to enhance productivity both on the factory floor and in the back office. Discussions will look into how automation if implemented intelligently can increase accuracy, product quality and reduce costs.

Digital Manufacturing Africa 2019 is made for manufacturing executives and factory heads interested in integrating/expanding Machine Learning, AI and IIoT technology into their automation or manufacturing systems. Presentations and panel discussions will discuss return on investments, case studies, strategies for integration, technology and manufacturing trends.

The conference will provide opportunities to network with Factory Automation, AI and Machine Learning experts, as well as local and international manufacturers who have already started using smart manufacturing solutions.

The key topics at the Digital Manufacturing Africa:

  • The Smart Factory of Tomorrow – Are you prepared?
  • “The Robots are Coming”: Preparing your Workforce for Industry 4.0
  • Measuring the ROI of Predictive Maintenance Solutions
  • How Leading Manufacturers are Responding to Digital
  • Developing your Smart Manufacturing Road Map: Setting the Stage for Digital Success
  • Monitoring and Analysing Factory Data with IoT to identify Machine Problems Using Connected Devices
  • Supply Chain: Digitizing your Supply Chain through Process Automation

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