mCoin to Release virtual SMS wallet

mCoin is the first global cryptocurrency that will operate without depending on the internet. mCoin has announced its intention to officially release its virtual SMS wallet to its users. This system will allow anybody with a mobile phone to access and transact mCoins. Besides, the system will use people’s ONEm’s global identity names for transfer of mCoins. Therefore, this will replace the traditional system of using cryptocurrency address.

Consequently, ONEm has said that it will communicate its partnership with African governments to support ONEm ecosystem. Christopher Richardson, the CEO of ONEm Communications recently said that Africa experiences challenges of connecting financial services to the people. Therefore, he said that the new technology from ONEm allows people to complete complex transactions using their mobile phones.

 “Soon we will be announcing significant government partnerships in Africa regarding support for the ONEm ecosystem” said Richardson.

The virtual wallet has ability to offer 3 billion unconnected people to participate in cryptocurrency. The mCoin system is already integrated with ONEm ecosystem. This will enable it to carry out Pseduo Mining hence earning mCoins. Anyone willing to own more will have to join the ICO and wil be able to acquire mCoins at 3¢ now before the price increases to 5¢ on 3rd of June

From now onwards, customers can sign up on mCoin website and receive a referral link to share with their networks which will earn someone 5% bonus. Customers who wish to have virtual wallet will have to join mCoin’s Airdrop Program.

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