Meet the Entrepreneur: One Who Develops Solutions Which Solve Communal Problems

Splufic Studio, Jim Bokoune, Cameroon

Launched by a Cameroonian entrepreneur Jim Bokoune, Splufic Studio is a forward-thinking platform that aims at designing digital experience that gives people the priority. Bakoume who has background knowledge in the mobile application and web design is on the verge of making his venture a successful one. This is by ensuring that his business solution is human-friendly. According to the tech entrepreneur, he picked on the technology industry due to the specialized skills required in his country by enterprises.

His move encouraged his customer’s urge for an outstanding digital experience that transforms businesses and tackles the customers’ needs. That is what led Bokoume to come up with Splufic to get solutions for ventures that look for diverse digital solutions.  Gugulethu Cel season two presenters of Chivas, Win the Right Way took time with Bakoume to talk about some of his great entrepreneurial success. This was during the Chivas Regal 12-Year-Old Whisky show. Chivas, WinTheRightWay season 2 is a TV show that talks about the journey of the most inspiring African social entrepreneurs. These are those entrepreneurs who operate their businesses based on purpose and profit. These entrepreneurs share their success stories to inspire other African entrepreneurs to join the ever growing team.

Bokoume explained to Cel that he is passionate about going a notch higher than designing and developing digital experience. He wants to take most of his time on things that interest his clients, explore what influences their choices and overcome the social challenges of giving services. He added that they have thought of developing impact solutions using virtual incubation platform for startups that will be working with Splufic’s team to help them in giving out an effective final product that meets their original goal.

According to Bokoume, the purpose of social entrepreneurs is to invest in and develop a society and go ahead and create social value. That shows their interest and takes on current and evolving socio factors that call for solutions. He accepts that there challenges that block the success of social entrepreneurs. The challenges are such as the inability to have the best plan, lacking purposeful-drive, and lack of commitment for the desired business pursuit plans. He added that to get the balance between impact and income, it depends on the recognized culture by businesses. The balance can only be achieved if that is properly introduced and piloted. He said that the time invested in offering solutions would impact the business positively and businesses will attract a significant income once that is attained.

He adds that hard work and surrounding himself with people who play a significant role in helping him advance entrepreneurially and personally are the cornerstone to his success. About decision making, allowing him to be fearless and get out of his comfort zone allowed him to be tireless in following his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and that is the toughest decision he has ever made. Chivas Regal strives to recognize the valuable impact made by social entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs identify with the principles of sharing success since it can teach individuals and help them in their various journeys. Bokoume added that once knowledge sharing is their success is realized for both those who got it and also those who felt the impact of that success.  Chivas, WinTheRightWay is usually aired on DSTV, channel 410 and CNBC Africa.


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