Merchants using shopify can speed deliveries through Kwik Delivery’s new pugin

Kwik Delivery

Once you install these plugins both small and large merchants can offer Kwik Delivery’s on-demand services to all their customers.

Today Kwik delivery announced the release of its Shopify delivery plugin that allows Shopify households based in Nigeria to seamlessly integrate into Kwik Delivery’s ground-breaking last-mile delivery services.

Kwik Delivery began operations outside Lagos in 2019 as an on-demand last-mile delivery service. It was founded by Romain Poirot Lellig who serves as the CEO. Kwik delivery’s B2B model links both small scale traders and large corporation across Lagos.

We also released a Woocomerce plugin on the 14th of September allowing merchants to seamlessly integrate Kwik delivery to their WordPress online stores. The addition of a Shopify plugin continues this innovative approach.

Installing this plugin ensures the large and small merchants operating on Kwik Delivery’s platform get just-in-time delivery services for their customers. Olivier Decrock, the CTO at Kwik Delivery termed “fast and reliable last-mile delivery service” as the “main hurdle”  to e-commerce development across Africa.

You can download the app on iOS and Android


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