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Why Mobile E-Sports Platform Is the Best Venue for Gamers


The collaboration between ChopUp and Paga in Nigeria will lead to the launching of a mobile e-sport platform. The platform will offer gamers the opportunity to compete with one another and win cash prizes on a daily basis. ChopUp is Nigerian based gaming company that develops locally relevant games with African stories. On the other hand, Paga is a financial services company that allows users to send and receive money, deposit money to any bank within Nigeria, buy mobile airtime and pay bills.

Monkey Post will be the first game to be displayed on the platform with various titles to be developed later on. For one to participate in the game, you must have a Paga account and be a Nigerian citizen. Players can follow their progress through a leaderboard and can compete for the top position every day of the week. Competitions run every day of the week, with little charges for entry. All entry money is added to the prize pool.

According to ChopUp co-founder Zubair Abubakar, the company is in the forefront of developing new innovative ways to keep game lovers entertained and show their skills by doing what they always love. The platform also allows people to meet each other and have fun while winning cash prizes. Paga likes to support forward-thinking companies like ChopUp who are developing new ways for the locals to engage with their mobile devices according to Paga founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Tayo Oviosu.

ChopUp is maximizing on Paga Connect solution to offer in-app payments. Any 3rd party developer or company can implement one-click payments in their application without needing to worry about the core payments infrastructure so long as they have Paga Connect.


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