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Untapped Global partners with Paga to boost digital payments for Nigeria SMEs

Untapped Global partners with Paga

San Fracisco-based Investment company fixated on emerging markets Untapped Global intends to scale up its partnership with Paga, a mobile payment and financial services company. This program finances point-of-sale devices (POS) for Nigerian merchants.

The partnership between  Paga and Untapped focuses on empowering small businesses to accept digitized payments which bring financial services closer to the masses. This financing process is structured to lower the overall cost of merchant entry to acquire handheld  POS terminals and other digitized business tools that ease buying, selling, and payment.

CEO of Page Group Tayo Oviosu pointed out his excitment on scaling the POS rollout program with Untapped. He went on to mention how they have built the best “on-ramps and off-ramps for cash” through Paga’s Doroki agent network. At present over 3000 merchnats are signed onto the platform with the intent of shooting the number to 120,000 merchants over the next two years.

Untapped Global offers Smart Asset Financing to asset-based businesses across Africa and other emerging markets. Smart Asset Financing prvides flexible capital for fast growing enterprises such as Paga while leveraging technology that makes investments safer and more profitable.

Untapped CEO, Jim Chu, described the network of POS devices available for merchants through their smart asset financing model as “powerful” given the “seamless process for merchants and their customers to buy, sell, and get paid.” Untapped and Paga carried out a successful pilot in early 2021 and now intends to scale the devics across Nigeria.


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