Morocco launches digital ‘B2Marruecos’ platform to attract Spanish tourists

Morocco tourism site

The platform offers space between Moroccan and Spanish experts in their efforts to boost tourism and cooperation tourism. Morocco’s National Tourism Office has created a virtual platform that aims to attract Spanish tourists. The platform will be called B2 Marruecos aims to promote the tourist industry in Spain through online workshops. Moroccan tourist professionals hope their Spanish counterparts will feel engaged digitally through ‘B2Marruecos’.

According to europapress, this new platform, information of interest, and other specialized training targeting travel agents through workshops and thematic webinars will occupy a place where users learn about the main virtues of a given destination.

Morocco is often described as the final destination for Spanish travelers outside Africa. In 2019, the country welcomed 2.6 million Spanish tourists, a 6 percent increase from 2018. Last year Morocco received 13 million tourists with Spanish travelers making 20% of the visitors.


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