Morocco’s OCP launches online service platform to promote agricultural development

The platform will facilitate communication and exchange of expertise between partners and farmers

almoutmir website

OCP, Morocco’s state-owned phosphate and fertilizer group launched an online service promoting the agricultural ecosystem. Al Moutmir initiative is an addition to the digital platforms already set up by OCP on Facebook, YouTube, and call centers facilitating exchanges between farmers and stakeholders developing innovative, economically valuable, and sustainable agricultural products. The website is multilingual to boost openness at the national, regional, and international levels while enriching exchanges on sustainable and inclusive agricultural models of agricultural development that contribute to transforming the agricultural sector as the main lever for development.

The website is the perfect communication link between farmers and other stakeholders concerned with developing innovative and sustainable agriculture. Also offered is space where knowledge on sustainable and inclusive models of agriculture is exchanged.

The OCP project is a collaboration between Morocco’s Ministry of Agriculture which has plans for modernizing the country’s agriculture. “Al moutmir” relies on its team to support farms including those with smallholder farmers.

The website has a document library of scientific content and a contacts section where users can directly communicate with OCP’s team.

A press release marking the launch described the transformation of the agricultural sector as a “real elver for development” that attracts the youth by creating “sustainable values”  and inclusivity.

OCP Group is among the top phosphate companies in the world. Recently it expanded its projects across the continent by investing in smart and sustainable agriculture, while helping local farmers boost productivity.

Among OCP’s recent initiatives is the launch of a platform that ensures the sharing of expertise between African parters and researchers on soil mapping. The company’s initiatives led the group to make it to the list of finalists for the 2021 Franz Edelman Award.


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