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JICA expands startup accelerator program to Kenya

This involves holding startup business competitions and expansion of the NINJA accelerator program into Kenya


As part of Japan’s NINJA (Next Innovation with Japan) project, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) has expanded its startup accelerator program to Kenya. The program is scheduled to kick off in Nairobi in April 2021. This will be a partnership between the Deloitte Tohmatsu consortium, and Kenya-based business growth accelerator GrowthAfrica.

NINJA Accelerator in Kenya

NINJA Accelerator in Kenya will be the first of NINJA accelerators JICA is working on over the next three years. The idea is to broaden JICA’s engagement with Africa’s startups while building upon its “NINJA Business Plan Competition in Response to COVID-19”. The Grand finale will be live-streamed from Tokyo on February 26th.

As an expansion of last year’s Ethiopia program, the NINJA Accelerator in Kenya will kickstart with a cohort of 5 carefully selected Kenyan startups who will participate in a 3-month intensive program that offers a unique blend of African and Japanese local knowledge, expertise, and access to local, African and global investors and mentors. Each startup will get a $15,000 Welcome Award and a chance to take part in the Tokyo Business event courtesy of JICA. Applications will remain open till February 22, 2021. More details on their website.


NINJA Business Plan Competition Ethiopia

JICA Ethiopia Office alongside the Federal Small and Medium Manufacturing Industrial Promotion Authority, and the Federal Urban Job Creation and Food Security Agency launched the NINJA Business Plan Competition for businesses that have emerged after the Covid-19 outbreak. The program targeted startups and organizations drawn from all sectors with a key focus on emerging Covid-19 created businesses. You can find more on the Ethiopia program here.


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