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New Ride-Hailing Startup Solride to Enter African Market


TechInAfrica — The latest ride-hailing startup Solride launches in the African market. The new ride-hailing application was launched this week at its Lagos office in Nigeria by Solchos Kefani Limited.

The startup said in a press statement that Solride offers a unique combination of different vehicle types, delivering endless possibilities and revolutionizing the concept of transportation in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.

Through the app, users get access to different modes of transportation (salon cars, motorcycles, tricycles, and SUVs), ride scheduling and rental as well as detailed maps.

According to CEO of Solchos Kefani, Henry Adesegha, the company stands out with some strong and unique innovation that connects directly to consumer needs given that people will be able to switch from one mode of transportation to another seamless switching ride-hailing platforms.

Instead of employing dynamic pricing, where prices generically increase or decrease based on demand, Solride empowers individual drivers to regulate prices themselves within a stipulated range. Solride looks to attract drivers with its unique driver-controlled price mechanism algorithm that will see the drivers individually control price during regular, peak, and off-peak business hours.

Additionally, the company plans to incentivize rides by rewarding drivers who drive safely. Drivers who receive good reviews of their rides will also get the opportunity to earn additional revenue from other business streams of the company as ad hoc shareholders.

Lately, people rely on such informal transport systems which are driven by the rapid increase in 3G and 4G mobile subscription rates, low vehicle ownership rates, inadequate public transport infrastructure. Therefore, the launch of Solride comes at the right time when this kind of applications is gaining widespread adoption across Africa.

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Solride already has plans for expansion both in fleet size and geographical scope across the continent despite launching some days ago. The startup is currently in partnership talks with car rental firms and taxi operators to add taxis to its platform.

“We’re aiming to blitzscale, grow exponentially and expand to different cities in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda by the first quarter of 2020,” said Adesegha.

While Solride offers unique product solutions to meet local transit needs, riders are also assisted to own, operate, manage and earn additional income via the company’s flagship Digital Entrepreneur Apprenticeship Program which will be free for all Solride customers.



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