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Nigeria healthTech startup 54gene launches clinical research program


54gene is a Nigerian pharmaceutical research and development startup, founded in 2019 to address the global challenge of genomics while advancing molecular diagnostics and other clinical programs delivered through it’s Clinical Program Services (CPS) division. The research wing is led by Kemi Williams who is the VP, Clinical, and Regulatory Affairs.

In earlier news, we covered the launch of their COVID-19 mobile testing labs. In addition, They secured a $15 million funding round on April 14th.

Jessica Rich 54gene’s COO said,” It is vital that we continue to collaborate with African researchers and institutions to generate data that meets the scientific rigor found in worldwide studies and to increase African inclusion in global studies.”

The new division will provide end-to-end clinical development services, logistics, intelligence, and infrastructure that will help in conducting successful clinical trials in Africa. Nigeria has been admitted into the  International Registry of Healthcare Workers Exposed to COVID-19 (UNITY Global) Study. This is part of a partnership with  Certara, a global leader in biosimulation.

54gene’s Clinical Program Services division will partner with global biotechnology, pharmaceutical companies, and multi-lateral health organizations in rediscovering, developing, and commercializing new therapeutic and diagnostic products.

What is the UNITY Global study?

UNITY Global study develops prevention policies reliant on data collected from over 10,000 across low and middle-income countries. Other countries are South Africa, Zambia, Pakistan, Uganda, Senegal, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Their objective is to study the link between using preventative treatments and SARS-CoV-2 infections among healthcare workers.

Roman Casciano, the GM at Cetara said, “Healthcare workers have a high incidence of severe COVID-19 as they are repeatedly exposed to individuals infected with SARS-CoV-2.


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