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Nigeria to Host GITEX Africa, Continent’s Premier Tech Extravaganza, in 2025

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In a significant development for the Nigerian tech ecosystem, the country has secured the hosting rights for GITEX Africa, the continent’s largest technology showcase, in 2025. This landmark event will take place in Lagos and Abuja, bringing together the brightest minds, innovative companies, and cutting-edge technologies from across Africa and beyond.

On Thursday, Kachifu Inuwa, the Director General of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), and Trixie LohMirmand, the CEO of Kaoun, the organizer of GITEX, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formally seal the deal. While the exact dates are yet to be confirmed, sources privy to the event suggest it will likely be held in September 2025.

GITEX Africa is a highly anticipated tech extravaganza, showcasing the latest advancements in various fields, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, fintech, and more. The event provides a platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders to connect, collaborate, and explore new opportunities.

Nigeria’s vibrant technology scene and its position as Africa’s most populous nation make it an ideal host for GITEX Africa. The country boasts a thriving startup ecosystem, with numerous innovative companies and talented individuals driving technological progress.

Trixie LohMirmand, the CEO of Kaoun, emphasized the uniqueness of GITEX Africa’s formula for Nigeria, stating, “We’re not planning to bring the same GITEX happening around the world. We want to bring a unique formula that aligns with the national strategy of Nigeria.”

Kachifu Inuwa, the Director General of NITDA, highlighted the event’s significance in driving economic diversification, a key priority for the Nigerian government. “President Tinubu is big and loud on economic diversification, and you cannot trade in isolation. The President has mandated us to facilitate parts of this diversification,” he said.

The staging of GITEX Africa in Nigeria presents a remarkable opportunity for the country to showcase its technological prowess to the world. It will serve as a platform for Nigerian startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators to connect with global investors, forge strategic partnerships, and access new markets.

With the world’s attention turning towards Africa’s rapidly growing tech ecosystem, GITEX Africa in Nigeria promises to be a game-changer, fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and propelling the continent’s digital transformation forward.



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