Nigeria’s Spaceba to soon Unveil its Hora app

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Inspired by the need to provide a platform to provide office and meeting space, Spaceba began its operations in 2017. The startup allows its users to choose and book various spaces depending on one’s preference. Therefore, one can go for hourly, daily, monthly or annual booking.

Recently, the startup revealed its plans to launch its Hora app. The app will assist freelancers, digital nomads, creative and entrepreneurs to access the startup’s services.

According to Spaceba’s CEO and co-founder, Taiwo Akinseye, sometimes people find it difficult to book meeting space in Nigeria. Therefore, to make the work easy, Spaceba decided to come up with an app which will facilitate the process. The platform will allow users from airport and entrepreneurs to access the services at an affordable price beginning from $5.5 per month.

In spite of operating only in Lagos, the startup has seen booking requests worth over $250,000 from approximately 100 users. Moreover, the platform has about 300 spaces on its platform for booking.

Taiwo Akinseye also said that the new trend of remote working keeps gaining grounds in Nigeria. Therefore, for entrepreneurs to have flexible plans and work conveniently, they should opt to use the app. Moreover, Taiwo Akinseye said that the app has new features that will allow easy payment for spaces.


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