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Over 5000 Taxi drivers have registered with Catch Taxi as it gears for launch


Taxi drivers and car owners can now register their vehicles on their Catch Taxi platform. The startup is the newest entrant into Kenya’s ride-hailing service. Catch Taxi claims to have developed a super App that competes that is equally at par if not better than industry competitors, Bolt, Uber, and Little Cab.

The company is mainly run by Africans and use their enhanced experience for taxi riders with safety, efficiency, and comfort. Catch Taxi retains the registration of his drivers before the launch. Thus far over 5000 drivers have signed up on the platform.

Catch Taxi will enter the market offering great prices for customers and while taking lower commissions in an effort to attract taxi drivers with rates that ensure taxi riders earn more.

The startup also has the  Catch Taxi affiliate program that helps taxi drivers earn from taxi drivers. Active drivers can earn 20,000 a month. In a statement, Naffie Omar, the founder, and CEO of Catch Taxi explained why they are different,

“The Catch Taxi driver app provides an in-app wallet for the taxi drivers allowing immediate withdrawal of cash through M-Pesa on card transactions.”

To join Catch Taxi as a driver, the process is simple. Enter your National ID, drivers license, police clearance,  PSV badge, and NTSA inspection sticker.


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