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Peak Design Everyday Sling Bag Review – Peak Performance

Photo by Tony Webster from Flickr

TechInAfrica – A premium camera and travel bag company, Peak Design, that is officially located in the USA has presented its 3L Everyday Sling Bag. The new sling bag brings fresh purpose since it becomes the Nintendo Switch carry bag. There are several reasons why this bag is needed. 

Everyday Usage

This review will start from the bag’s specification that makes it different from others. The 3L Everyday Sling bag is the smallest in the Peak Design Everyday line of bags. This bag is designed for creative consumers who like to use sling bags in their daily activities. 

3L Everyday Sling will be perfect for amateur or professional photographers as the bag has a tonne of great features into a lightweight product.

Flexible Division

Move to the FlexFold divider, 3L Everyday Sling bag features an innovative design element. The feature in this bag can be used to fold the FlexFold in an Origami-inspired fashion to make various shapes that can be utilized within the bag to separate it further.

Final Verdict

The Peak Design 3L Everyday Sling bag is perfect for those who love Nintendo Switch games and photographers. It fits the Nintendo Switch absolutely; the bag’s overall quality is top-notch.

For those who want to purchase this bag, they should know that to have this product in South Africa, a hefty import fee is required. Therefore, South African should make sure factor that into the cost if they choose to purchase one of these bags



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