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Different Security Challenges Across Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa

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TechInAfrica – As the second-largest continent in world, Africa is filled with abundant economic potentials. According to KnowBe4’s annual What Keeps You up at Night Report, the biggest concern is that one of the economic stations is not inevitably a priority for the others and it’s an eye-opener around Africa’s diverse security challenges.

Here’s a snapshot look at cyber threats, compliance security, security initiatives, users, resources, and issues in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.


Generally, Kenya’s priority about cybersecurity is divided into two parts like phishing and ransomware. At least, half of the organization does not consider these and other threats as more than somewhat worrying – lower than the continental totals. However, it means that half of the organization placed the threats as something they should be aware of, with 31% of them say that they were still kept awake at night by the possibility of business email compromise.


As a clean occupier in the security matter, Nigeria has some different perspectives of what should be aware of. On the other side, no country does not worry about ransomware: 59% of Nigerian companies mention that this makes them keep awake at night, although 40% are only somewhat concerned. Malware forces are similarly fragmented. Yet 74% of Nigerian companies are only concerned about data violation.

South Africa

South Africans’ attitude is line up closely with the averages of the continent, although there are some differences. When other countries look more about ransomware, South African organizations rank phishing as extreme (46%) and very (35%) worrying. Malware and business email compromise indicate the same levels of worry – and though ransomware is lower than these categories, it will become a threat that keeps most businesses (50%) awake at night.



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