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Nzimande – 4.7% Tuition Fee Increase, 6.7% For Accommodation

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TechInAfrica – A statement released by the Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation, Dr. Blade Nzimande will influence students and their support systems as it includes a proposed increase in both tuition fees and accommodation.

A statement entitled “Statement On Progress In The Post School Education And Training Sector In Response To Covid-19 Epidemic – Lockdown Level One And Towards The End Of The Academic Year 2020” released by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has touched various aspects of higher education in this year where global pandemic occurred. 

In the statement, Dr. Blade Nzimande said that he has written to all university Councils with a proposal for a CPI-linked fee increase for 2021. In line with the prior year, the growth would be at 4.7% on tuition fees and 6.7% on accommodation fees. 

While waiting for the answer from the university, Nzimande specifically confirmed that tuition and accommodation fees stay the same until March 2021.  

However, it is essential to consider some information released by governmental body Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) earlier this year when the DHET wanted to increase education cost. 

Statistics South Africa reported that now universities rely on the government for funding. The data shows that 48 percent of university income comes from government subsidization.

On the other hand, tuition fee only contributes to 33 percent. Although these are averages and differ by institution, universities get more funding from the government, while students should spay more for their education. 



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