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Tips to Watch Out The Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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TechInAfrica – According to Carey van Vlaanderen, CEO at ESET South Africa, shopping online brings risks and some of that hysteria on Black Friday and Cyber Monday will hold out to the internet. In particular, as all that bargain-hunting will make you let the consumers guard off. 

However, Carey added that many people openly acknowledge that they will take the risk on the deal prospect. Those ‘too-good-to-be-true’ items may cause consumers unprotected to a range of threats that typically intend to gain consumer’s financial information. 

Therefore, here are ESET’s top five tips for what to watch out for and to stay safe this Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 

  1. Stick to what you know – If you notice the deals in a promotional email or online ads that look too good to be true, then probably is! It could be a red flag if you find an item for an unknown vendor with the best price. 
  2. Look-alikes and fake websites – Look for the padlock and, on a desktop device, the HTTP:// at the first of the website addresses. 
  3. Dangerous incoming information – Commonly, online scammers use mistrustful texts with malicious links, create phishing emails and fraudulent banking notifications to get your information. 
  4. Passwords and PINs – It can feel a bit like beating a dead horse, but strong and unique passwords are the foundation of a positive online shopping experience. 
  5. Software safety first – Always make sure that your devices and operating systems up to date and have security software installed and fully operational on all devices. 



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