Relief to Cricket Followers as Roanuz Software Pvt. Ltd builds API

Roanuz Software Pvt. Ltd, API, Application Program Interface

In the sports industry is usually challenging to locate the past events. Information like the number of matches a player has played in his entire life, the number of scores made by an individual and the number of matches the team has played at home and away can be so challenging to track. Unless one assembles those who took part during the specific period then one can give wrong information. We’ve seen sports journalists giving wrong information then withdrawing them later on. But Application Program Interface (API) has come in to offer the right and reliable information.
API was developed by Roanuz Software Pvt. Ltd startup based in Chennai. Anto Binish Kaspar is the founder of Roanuz Company.

API is an artificial chart box that is in a position to answer any sport related questions.  It brings together a group of different tools. The tools can be integrated into apps, website or online platforms. The chat box is in a position to retrieve answers from previous sources of data. The data can be on the current and past matches, team and player statistics. Moreover, it is able to retrieve match results all the way from 2012.

It covers different league matches. This includes state T20 leagues and Indian Premier Leagues. The app can also cover similar games in Pakistan, the Caribbean, Kenya, Australia, and Bangladesh. According to the founder, the chatbot can communicate through voice or text. Moreover, it can give almost an immediate feedback. API has almost 5 million records with 1.2 million bowled balls. The bowled balls were processed by the company’s staff.

The company has also developed a Cricket Fantasy API. This is aimed at bringing fantasy tournaments. The tournaments will access database that is readily available. Furthermore, the database allows integration. The fantasy tournament stands a chance of becoming a sporting event of its own. This is only if the right tools and algorithms are put in place.


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