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Saudi delivery startup Diggipacks invests in Egyptian counterpart FwRun


DIGGIPACKS, a last-mile Saudi delivery and logistics service provider just acquired Egypt-based storage fulfillment provider FWRUN. The company also looks to expand its presence across Egypt.

During the pandemic, the e-commerce market has rapidly expanded posing a huge challenge to transport and logistic companies in meeting the demand. This has prompted startups to look for potential partners and form alliances that will see them grow, generate more sales, and maintain profitability.

Diggipacks launched in 2020 and provides both e-commerce and retail services across Saudi Arabia. The company provides Middle Mile storage services and Last Mile shipping services through strategic partners. The company adopts a 4PL principle where it maintains no assets – instead providing high-quality technology required for connecting the merchants with 3pl warehouses all across the Kingdom. This is in addition to linking over 30 shipping companies that operate outside the Kingdom. That way, merchants have endless options as they try to maintain a constant level of service efficiency and quality.

Diggipacks was founded by Hassan Jabarti (CEO) and Amin Al-Atrash (Co-founder) and can handle 5,000 shipments a day on an area spanning over 15,000 square meters.  In the last quarter of 2019, FwRun services launched in Cairo, specifically providing storage and handling services. The company was able to attract several merchants in need of the service including top international brands.

Khaled El-Nimr (co-founder and CEO) has extensive experience in retail marketing and digital transformation.  The partial acquisition deal between Diggipacks and FwRun means the formerly acquired shares (undisclosed value) of FwRun’s total shares in exchange for receiving technical support and expansion in the Kingdom, provided that Diggipacks also expands in Egypt through FwRun’s.

Source: Press release at Wamda


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