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Seamless Distribution plans to upgrade its S&D products in Zambia.




Smart Sales & Distribution, a Seamless Distribution System product, has received an upgrade from a Zambian operator, according to the company.

An existing customer in Zambia placed an order with Seamless Distribution Systems AB (SDS), a subsidiary of Riaktr, to upgrade to a newer version of their Smart S&D product. 

The value of this order was 1.4 million Swedish kronor (SEK). Along with the upgrade, a yearly license generates a recurring revenue of 1.1 million Swedish Krona.

With the most recent version of the Smart S&D product, mobile operators can effectively manage their sales distribution channels through advanced analytics and AI while using a straightforward and user-friendly interface.

Using the product’s real-time insights, operators’ sales and distribution teams can take the best actions to increase sales and revenue. Riaktr will be paid SEK 1.4 million in the second quarter for the upgrade and SEK 1.1 million in annual recurring revenue for as long as the customer continues to use Riaktr’s product.

Because of this product, the sales and distribution teams of the operators can take the best actions possible based on real-time insights, which ultimately results in increased productivity, revenue and sales.

The order includes an upgrade that costs 1.4 million Swedish krona and will be recognized as revenue during the second quarter. Additionally, the order includes approximately 1.1 million Swedish krona in annual recurring revenue that will be recognized on an ongoing basis for as long as the customer continues to use Riaktr’s product.




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