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Africa Data center plans to build a 30MW capacity Data centre in Ghana.



Cassava Technologies, through its Africa Data Centres division, has announced its intention to construct a data centre with a capacity of 30 MW in Accra, Ghana.

This will make them the largest service providers in West Africa, having facilities in Togo, Nigeria,and now Ghana. The company’s hyper-scale partners will be able to expand digital services and solutions to additional countries in West Africa as a result of the new facility, which will lay the groundwork for this expansion.

The facility in Accra will lead the way for customers who operate on a large scale to bring digital solutions to Africa. “This new building will be a huge step forward in our long-term goal to close the digital divide in Africa by increasing the number of people and businesses with access to digital services.

Cloud operators, multinational corporations and Hyper-scale cloud are clamouring to transform West Africa digitally, so we chose Accra as our next location,” Durvasula explains.

Additionally, the data centre will create a slew of new jobs, from entry-level, high-tech and more, by digitizing the economy and using local workers and contractors to build it.

Seamless connectivity is essential in capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the digital disruptions throughout West Africa. On the other hand, a lack of essential infrastructure has made it lag behind developed nations in terms of rate despite the country’s growth. 

The opening of a data centre is in line with our plans for expansion. It comes at a reasonable time, given that Ghana’s Government has been implementing cutting-edge and future-oriented digital initiatives throughout the past few years. Despite the significant progress that has been made lately, a large number of Ghanaian citizens still do not have access to digital services.

To bridge the digital divide, we constantly expand our interconnected network of the carrier- and cloud-neutral data centres across North America. Our mission is to play a significant part in delivering the essential digital and infrastructure services to Ghana and the rest of Africa to facilitate the mass adoption of digital services in Ghana and the rest of Africa. This is our primary objective.

Durvasula concludes by stating that this is a first for Africa. There will be many interconnected, cloud- and carrier-neutral data centres built across Africa as a result of an unparalleled $500 million investment in digital transformation in Africa.



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