South African Legaltech Startup NuvaLaw to Be Based in Netherlands


Legaltech a Cape Town-based startup signed an agreement with The Hague Business Agency and various Dutch authorities to set up in Leiden. The agreement on 29th November 2017 suggested that the Netherlands were on the verge of partnering with large insurance companies in the European country specifically in the Hague Leiden. NuvaLaw is amongst the three South African companies that will open offices in The Hague region as said by The Hague Business Agency in their press release.

Hystead Limited, IoT.nxt, and NuvaLaw signed an agreement on 29th November 2017 with the City of The Hague, The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), The Hague Business Agency and Innovation Quarters in Cape Town.

NuvaLaw was started in Cape Town in 2016, and it specializes in creating interparty talks and adjudication forums that bring on the same table smart technology, processes, and services to minimize time and cost of legal information exchange and dispute settlement. The platform main focus now is to reduce interparty costs amongst insurers.

The Hague region is seen as a friendly place because they host many big insurance companies with which NuvaLaw hopes to partner with. The area is seen as a region reach in Collaboration and justice, and it gives the company an ideal atmosphere of expanding their products into the European tech markets.

The company which is an alumnus of the Startupbootcamp in London is presently working on a settlement of personal injury claims and is working jointly with insurers and legal companies in the UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia. The company is also working with The Hague Institute for Innovation in law.


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