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South African Social Media Landscape Report 2021 Went Live On 30 June

credit: OrnicoMedia (youtube)

TechInAfrica – The brand intelligence research Ornico launched the South African Social Media Landscape Report 2021 in collaboration with World Wide Worx, a technology market research organization based in South Africa.

Held on 30 June 2021, the live webinar touched on social media insights, the behavior of African social media users, prediction of the lifestyle in social media, and the trends that are happening and how it is affecting the marketing and consumer dynamic, which spans out in a 1 hour and 23 minutes virtual panel discussion.

Participating in the discussion were Oresti Patricios, the CEO of OrnicoGroup, Arthur Goldstuck, the CEO of World Wide Worx, Tumi Rabanye, Independent Strategist, Tsenebang Tsimba, the Head of Customer Success and Key Accounts at YOUKNOW, and Lerato Modisakeng, the Head of Digital Performance at WAVEMAKER.

The topic of POPIA also touched in the discussion, with Modisakeng explaining her take on the effective ruling as a consumer and a marketer,

“From a paid media perspective, every agency that is representing every single brand out there should already be making plans and taking initiative from the first of July to ensure that consent is given across all the marketing initiatives for information to be shared with the consumers knowing that ‘I am giving you consent, I have seen this upfront, I am also giving the brand permission to contact me.”

“I am all for it as a consumer and a marketer, because ultimately if we were to continue the way we were previously, there were a lot of negative sentiments and backlashes that have come with it. As a consumer, I am also very happy that it is coming to an end, and as a marketer, I am proud to say we are moving in a direction that is not harmful to our consumer and our target audiences across various campaigns.”

You can watch the pre-recorded live webinar here:

The social media landscape report 2021 can be downloaded from here.


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