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Specno Celebrates 5 Years of Growth: Empowering SA Startups & Driving Technological Innovation


Today marks a significant milestone for Specno as we celebrate our 5th birthday. Over the last 5 years, Specno has completely transformed the digital industry in South Africa, by offering businesses and startups access to world-class solutions in tech and innovation.

In the last 5 years, Specno has grown from a team of two, to a team of 50+ innovators, providing employment opportunities to some of the youngest, brightest talent in South Africa. This remains a remarkable achievement worth celebrating, given the fact that youth unemployment in South Africa currently stands at a soaring 45.3%, according to the latest reports from Stats SA. Specno currently employs up to 85% of its staff complement from the youth category and provides all its employees with further training, skills development and mentorship to become leaders in their field.

The company also celebrates the role it has played in assisting 150 businesses start and grow, including the likes of Quicket, FinMeUp and Momint. These businesses have all gone on to build and create new teams, solving problems for hundreds of thousands of users, while creating a number of jobs in the process.

These companies also play an integral role in the South African economy. Momint is currently leading the adoption of blockchain technology in Africa, while FinMeUp aims to improve the financial literacy of their user-base in South Africa. Both are proudly South-African based businesses that Specno has played a key role in building over the last few years.

Looking forward, Specno will aim to continue creating opportunities for employment in South Africa, by leveraging foreign Dutch capital to create high-paying jobs in our country. Specno also aims to make it easier for SA-based companies to expand into the Netherlands in future.

As we celebrate our 5th birthday, we reiterate our commitment to innovation, positive change, and economic growth in South Africa and beyond. Together with our clients, partners, and the youth we empower, we look forward to a future filled with opportunities, growth and success.


Media Enquiries & Interviews:
Natalie Boyd +27 86 336 4466 or via [email protected]

About Specno: Specno is a leading provider of world-class technical solutions that help businesses effectively address and manage their challenges to improve efficiency, profit margins, and growth. Specno are pioneers in digital innovation and are committed to driving creative problem-solving for business success in South Africa and across the globe. Their website is available here:


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