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Spotify Lite: A Lighter, Quicker, More Compact Music Experience


TechInAfrica – Do you enjoy listening to music seamlessly? People from across the world listen to their preferred genres every day of the week. Spotify had also revealed which artists are regarded as the most listened to during 2018, in which Drake tops the list, followed by Post Malone and XXXTentacion (read more about it here). As for my personal taste, I’d rather go and enjoy Mötley Crüe or Megadeth.

And yes, before you ask, I’m a fervent metalcore enthusiast.

Only recently, Spotify introduced its lighter, newer counterpart named Spotify Lite. Now available in 36 markets of the world—including African markets—the name refers to the simpler and thinner interface of the application. Users will also be available to manifest their free or premium account, along with additional limitations for mobile networking. Such limitations offer users to restrict the app’s data usage, which in return could avoid untimely downloads or buffers that may come unwanted at peculiar times. Furthermore, users will also receive a warning whenever their set data limit has been exceeded.

Spotify Lite via

Android phones with 4.3 (or higher) operating systems are free to download this new application from Google Play—with the size of being merely 10 megabytes.

Featured along with data restrictions, users can also clear up space by deleting unneeded caches with a single tap of a button. This light version of the original Spotify app—which can take around 100mb for its initial download—is neatly designed for phones with slower connections and/or limited storage space. Yet this ‘lightness’ doesn’t necessarily mean that the music quality would also be hindered. Users can still listen to their favorite artists, without having to worry that the bitrate wouldn’t be as good as the original application—or the desktop version.

You can watch their promotional video below:

An opportunity to headbang to Def Leppard’s glam metal, all while consuming less data and storage space? Don’t mind if I do.



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