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Technology Manifestation in Africa’s Logistics Markets


TechInAfrica – Logistics define the state of societies that we’re currently living in. Managing the flow of demand from the point of origin, to the point of consumption where requirements are met—ranging from raw, unprocessed commodities to adjusted, qualified equipment. Countless aspects of humanity depend on the flow of logistics; namely in military, technology, business, healthcare, and other key elements of society. Another way to put it is that industries are capable of manufacturing consumable instruments, but is it as easy as distributing them to people’s respective doorsteps?

This is where technology manifestation is explicitly hinted. Kobo360—a Nigerian tech-enabled digital logistics platform—defined a whole new way of aggregating end-to-end haulage operations by connecting all the human elements in the supply chain so that everyone can monitor how the goods are moved, how the machines are treated, and how the transportation concerns are evaluated. Recipient—as well as manufacturers—can communicate directly with the drivers in order to give them detailed instructions regarding the things they’re hauling. Despite having existed for merely three years, Kobo360 has such a huge spotlight in the African logistics scene that numerous firms are starting to accept their facilitated services.

Ouicarry operatives via

Another of the most prime examples is Ouicarry, a carrier and freight handler based in Dakar, Senegal. Their main purpose is to connect Senegal citizens to various international shopping platforms, delivering their respective order right to their doorsteps. Considering most American or European shopping websites don’t deliver to Africa, leaving a number of people feeling disconnected. Ouicarry offers a solution for this turmoil by serving as a middleman—of some sort.

Along with technology, funding and finance managing also pose as substantial pillars for a startup to grow. Because of this, many African startups—which often grows too fast because of their innovative novelties—heighten and fall during the same year due to imbalance in those three aspects. So often that it’s not even a fresh sight anymore for the locals.



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