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SupPlant mobile App to enable SA farmers to control and monitor their water budgets

supplant dss app

SupPlant is an Israeli AgriTech startup that offers farmers and agri-businesses solutions with their water challenges by employing actionable agronomic insights, SupPlant has a new mobile app that helps monitor and tracks your plant needs.

The SupPlant DSS app provides for:

  • Automate control over the water budget
  • Notifications during extreme weather conditions
  • Round the clock crop monitoring

SupPlant technology relies on algorithms, artificial intelligence, sensors, and other cloud-based technologies to come up with resilient crops that save on resources while maximizing yield.

The new SupPlant DSS app allows farmers to monitor information in every plot, check out the graphical displays of past and future irrigation patterns, forecasted climatic data according to plots, growth monitoring, and much more.

The mobile app relays real-time alerts to the farmers in the event the plants show high levels of stress. This includes soil alerts when too moist or technical malfunctions, as well as during cases of extreme weather conditions.

How it works

The app gets its information data from 5 sensors that are placed in 5 different locations of the plant. This is the shallow soil, deep soil, stem, fruit, and leaf. This helps the farmer make highly accurate irrigation decisions arrived at autonomously from the sensors. 30-minute routine updates are made to the cloud.

SupPlant’s technology is currently in use in several African countries. The SupPlant DSS App has expertise on 31 crops.


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