Syneos Health Scores 0.40 in Its New Segment Valuation

Accern Sentiment, Syneos Health

Syneos Health received a high ranking as released by Accern Sentiment. Accern Sentiment is a research group that reviews more than 20 million news and blog sources in exact time. It uses that data to rank different platforms. The startup uses a scale of -1 to +0 to rank different companies. Companies that score almost one are ranked as favorable. Syneos Health (NASDAQ: SYNH) scored a 0.04 media view on the Accern Sentiment’ds scale. Furthermore, the company scored 45.7022024020081 over 100 on press coverage. This showed that the news covered recently might not have an influence on its share price in the coming few days. Syneos Health startup works as a combined biopharmaceutical solutions company. The company is in Africa, Middle East, Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific. It works through two segments, Commercial and Clinical Solutions.

Here are some of the headlines on the media that might have affected Accern’s scores.

Critical Analysis; Syneos Health (SYNH) and Anavex Life Sciences (AVXL)

$770.78 Million in Sales Expected for Syneos Health Inc (SYNH) This Quarter

Syneos Health (SYNH) Stock Rating reaffirmed by Goldman Sachs

Syneos Health (SYNH) Downgraded to C at TheStreet

Zacks; Brokerages Anticipate Syneos Health Inc (SYNH) to Announce $0.53 EPS

ValuEngine reduced Syneo Health shares from a hold to a sell in an analysis released on 2nd April 2018.  Syneos Health’s shares were also reduced by Zacks Investment Research from a buy valuation to a hold valuation in a research note done on 14th March 2018. Barclays released a target price of $43,000 an increment from $40,000 on Syneos Health’s shares in a research note released on 1st March 2018. SunTrust Bank lifted the Syneos Health price on shares to $55.00. The stock was then given a buy valuation in a research note released on 1st March 2018. A research note released on 26th February 2018, KeyCorp renewed an overweight valuation and gave a target price of $46.00 decrease from $50.00 on Syneos Health’s shares. Some equities analysts recently released a report on the stock. A single analyst graded the stock with a sell valuation while four have issued a hold valuation. Eight of the analysts gave a buy valuation on the Syneos Health. Currently, the stock has $49.78 buy valuation and an average price target.

NASDAQ: SYNH company’s shares traded up to $0.15 at the time of trading period on 13th April 2018. It reached $37.75. 400,821 shares of the stock traded hands in comparison to the company’s average volume of 885,985. Furthermore, the company recorded a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.98, a quick ratio of 1.23 and a current ratio of 1.23. It has $3,932.36 of market cap, 0.98 price-to-earnings-growth ratio, 0.94 price-to-earning-growth ratio and 0.08 beta. Moreover, it has a $31.10 52-week of low and $61.10 52-week of high. The last time to post its results of earning was on 28th February 2018. It recorded earnings per share of $0.67 for quarter outplaying $0.52 by 0.15 consensus estimate. During the quarter it has a $750.47 million of revenue in comparison to $757.94 million of analyst estimates.

The company recorded 5.18% net margin and 10.78% positive return on equity. Syneos Health will record 2.28 earnings per share for the present financial year. A total of 1,470 shares of the business’s stock were sold in a transaction on 22nd January 2018 by CAO Christopher L. Gaenzle. They sold out averagely for $41.00, for a total value of $60,270.00. The document which was filled with the Securities and Exchange Commission is what disclosed the sale and insiders are with the ownership of 0.24%.


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