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Talia – Arabsat Partnership: Bringing a More Reliable Network


TechInAfrica – In bolstering the growing communication methods, networking satellites are launched every now and then to ensure the feasibility of connectivity. Subjects such as internet, messaging service, as well as conventional cellular calls and/or texts are—most often—bolstered by the availability of satellites; and African countries serve as no exception to subject to this notion. Talia Limited, a communication solutions provider offering services across Africa, Iraq, and Middle East, recently extends its partnership with Arabsat, a satellite operator.

This extended collaboration will issue the addition of further C-band capacity across the Middle East and Africa. Additionally, Talia will add BADR-6 services, effectively contributing towards Talia’s capacity and reliability towards its existing and new potential customers. C-band, with generally having 24 radio transponders spaced 20 MHz apart, is used for many satellite communications transmissions, some Wi-Fi devices, some cordless telephones as well as some surveillance and weather radar systems.

Talia coverage mapping via

Alan Afrasiab, President and CEO of Talia Limited, spoke that the advancement of this collaboration would potentially drive the company into making a larger footprint in the market. Alongside the addition of several services, Talia also aims to add more areas beneath its network coverage. Furthermore, Afrasiab added, “Our continued collaboration with Arabsat is a proven example of [a] successful partnership with a world-leading satellite operator that we are keen to nurture in the future.”

With the added capacity towards Arabsat 5A—the main object (satellite) of this idea to be implemented—Arabsat itself claims to look forward for this partnership to bear fruit. In the future, the company hopes to provide a more sustainable, higher quality services across the MENA region; as a result of nurturing this collaboration.



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