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Tanzania startup Medikea Health launch an online platform

Medikea is on track to be the Super App of all healthcare needs through the development of a healthcare service ecosystem

Medikea app

Dar-es-salaam based Medikea Health is on a mission to make healthcare more patient-centric and accessible to everyone on the continent. As part of their approach, Medikea has launched a Saas tool for doctors, clinics, and hospitals, essentially creating an online healthcare marketplace connecting everyone online. One can send a text SMS or make an online booking. Reminders can be sent to ensure patients are notified in due time reducing instances of no-shows.

Medikea App allows a patient to keep tabs on a doctor’s individual schedule and book an appointment online. Medicines can be delivered to your place from an accredited pharmacy within an hour. You can also track your health status through preventive health checkups.

Medikea has achieved this progress through bootstrapping and accepting no outside investment. However, they won the Alibaba GET Global 2020 prize. A month after their launch the uptick in use has risen by 45%. Booking is totally free for patients. Doctors and clinics are charged a subscription fee to go online, manage appointments, and add their schedules.

Both users of Android and iOS will have access to the App. With less than 1% of doctor bookings taking place online in a $60 billion industry, the medical booking industry promises a more lucrative market than hotel bookings.


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