Telecel Zimbabwe is making a strong statement with its newly launched e-learning platform

The e-learning platform comes in four packages and its suited to different budgets.


TechInAfrica – All over the world, schools have remained under locks and keys for months. And it’s the same with Zimbabwean students. Don’t be surprised to learn that most students have forgotten where they kept some of their writing materials. That’s how bad the situation is at the moment.

However, Telecel Zimbabwe, a mobile network operator, has come to the rescue. It is introducing an e-learning platform, which will have various packages. It’s called Funda. The reason for the newly introduced e-learning platform is to give students a chance to learn online from the comfort of their homes while schools remain locked down.

The Funda is available in four packages for each budget and needs.

The first package is called the entry-level package and cost $90.00. Benefits include 100 Group Talk time minutes and 5 GB worth of data.

The second package costs $170.00. Users will receive 250 Group Talk time and 10 GB worth of data.

The third package cost $330.00. Users will get 500 Group Talk time minutes and 20 GB worth of data.

The fourth and final package is called the premium package, and it’s the most expensive. In this package, users will get 1,000 Group Talk time minutes and a whopping 40GB worth of data for each individual for free.

Note: All four packages are valid for one month.

Angeline Vere, Telecel’s CEO, in a press release, spoke about the newly introduced e-learning platform and went deeper into the details of each platform. He reiterated the network’s commitment to ensure subscribers are given access to the allotted data to surf the internet.

Another highlight of the newly launched e-learning platform is the CUG (Closed User Group). It’s a group where students and staff that subscribed to the same package can call themselves and access allocated data with ease.

How to subscribe to Telecel’s e-learning platform

Telecel has made the registration process easier, and packages are not heavy on the wallet. However, there are laid down procedures for interested subscribers to gain access to the platform.

If you are a student, lecturer or teacher, you need to first and foremost contact your school and indicate your interest. Afterward, your school will have to contact Telecel to get you onboard.

According to Telecel’s CEO, Angeline Vere, once an interested subscriber contacts and registers with his or her school, and the said school contacts Telecel on behalf of the person; we will get the person on board within 24 hours. And to get more people interested on board and have the opportunity to test the platform firsthand, we are offering the first 14 days for free.


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