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The Partnership Between TMCEL with Ericsson to Develop its Network in Mozambique


TechInAfrica – To expand the network coverage in Mozambique, TMCEL has partnered with Ericsson in a five-year deal. Besides, TMCEL also aims to modernize its network and digital services ecosystem in Mozambique.

This partnership will show the telco take Ericsson’s Business Support Systems (BSS) and Mobile Money software innovations, features, and services. Because of this understanding, TMCEL can convey an improved client experience to its mobile subscribers.

TMCEL can now move to customer-centric business operations and digital engagement by using the Business Support Systems (BSS) solution. The Dynamic Activation (EDA) from Ericsson will additionally cover all of TMCEL’s service activation needs with a single, flexible platform. The deal also includes the distribution of Ericsson’s Mobile Money solution.

By opening access to various payment methods, TMCEL can increase the everyday usage of mobile money in the country. 

Ericsson’s Wallet solution will supply the project, being custom-made to give another channel empowering financial inclusion, offering simple-to-utilize and guaranteed next-generation mobile financial services. Also, including the individuals who cannot approach conventional financial administrations.

Mahomed Rafique Jusob Mahomed, Chairman of the Board at TMCEL says that through the collaboration, TMCEL is looking forward to working with Ericsson to increase its value proposition and expand its ecosystem. 

“Ericsson’s global experience and innovative solutions will allow us to meet the personalized and rapidly changing requirements of the digital marketplace in Mozambique,” he added. 

“TMCEL’s ongoing commitment to innovation and enhanced customer experiences is proof of TMCEL’s efforts to offer benefits to Mozambique particularly in the area of a digital wallet,” according to Todd Ashton, Vice President and Head of Ericsson South and East Africa. 



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