The things brands should never do on social media

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The internet has many layers to it, but one of the most prominent, standout layers within our worldwide web is social media. Everyone’s on it these days, sharing images of their children or attempting to post witty status updates. Love it or hate it; it’s a huge part of modern-day life. 

There’s a social media account for everything these days, too. Personal profiles aside, popular accounts like the LADbible and sports platforms such as Sky Sports News have a huge online presence, enabling people to keep up to date with the latest news, gossip, and all things popular culture. When it comes to personal profiles, though, the content is obviously more natural. That in itself can have its plus points, but it can also have its negatives. Overall, though, the vast majority of Twitter, Facebook, and the like’s users correctly utilize social media. 

Businesses have been caught out from time to time, though. Not only is it highly embarrassing for the company concerned, but it can be damaging, too. Whether you’re a health and lifestyle business promoting your latest product or a gaming brand sharing great creations from the fruit spin slot available in ZA to others, there are ways to do it. Thankfully, most companies conduct themselves on social media in a professional, well-planned manner. As we touched on, that’s not always the case though. 

Here are things brands should avoid at all costs

Remain out of touch with the latest trends 

It’s very easy to lose your audience, or any potential new followers too, for that matter. To keep them hanging on your every Tweet, research the latest trends in the world at that time and make sure the content you share is not only relevant but also unique. It’s about keeping your audience’s attention and the latest trends is a great way of doing so. 

Do not post insensitive content 

Brands can have fun on social media, be humorous and post witty content, but there’s a line. Assess the current state of the world and what could offend people, but also try and avoid any topics that could potentially offend too. There are some things businesses don’t need to get involved in and posting any potentially harmful material is one of them. 

Do not post duplicate content

Recycled, essentially stolen, content is an unbelievably common thing to see on social media. Perhaps understandable to some, it can actually have a detrimental effect on your follower count in the long run. People hate to see the same content twice. It also comes across as lazy and unoriginal, therefore losing people with every stolen post you share. Originality is key. 

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Don’t share personal content 

If you’re in charge of a business account on social media, all things business must be shared via that account. Nothing personal can find its way onto social media, which is why making sure you’ve logged off all professional accounts before sharing a Saturday night snap of your cocktail is hugely important. Be careful and remain professional, even on the weekend.

Don’t be rude

We’ve all had a rude customer, or an offensive remark aimed our way at some point, but just like it would be in the workplace, it’s important to stay professional, remain polite, and help them in the best way you can. Anything other than that could potentially hinder the brand’s image and lose followers in the process. Rise above the rude messages and remain calm, composed, and professional.


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