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Top 5 Rising Crypto Startups Of 2019


TechInAfrica – Blockchain startups are further gaining their momentum this year. While 97% of startups struggling for triumph even after a successful crowdfunding campaign, the blockchain startups ecosystem sport a promising future.

Their bright potential is further confirmed by CB Insights, a U.S-based venture platform, in which over USD 822 million has been generated by blockchain startups for the first half of 2019 in venture capital funding. The initial seed funding round proved efficiently executed by separate 279 ventures.

Image by Aaron Olson from Pixabay

The blockchain will worth over USD 60 billion by 2024, an estimation issued by IBM’s market analysis, as most financial institution such as banks and the latter import real-time transaction processing to their system while adopting a distributed ledger technology.

So much for the profit that 5 crypto startups are on the rise this year. Let’s get to know more about these crypto and blockchain startups that have managed to shake the ground of conventional business transaction.

  1. Rubix

Founded in 2018 by CEO Andrew Hamilton, is a streamlined platform of cryptocurrency exchange that diminished the daunting aspect of the buying to storing process of the digital currency.


Rubix respects users data privacy and has been crowned as one of the most innovative blockchain ventures in 2019. This platform has also provided another feature in the form of a digital wallet called Rubix Swap.

  1. BiKi

Based in Singapore, BiKi focuses on international markets, earning 1.1 million registered users in less than a year, an impressive feat to hold, indeed.


This exchange platform is reaching out to the mainstream demographic, bringing a streamlined trading process while providing a regulatory-compliant and easy to use digital assets trading. As one of the fastest-growing platform co-founded by Huobi’s Du Jun, BiKi has raised USD 5 million over a single corporate round.

  1. Advanced Blockchain AG

Berlin-based Advanced Blockchain AG offers blockchain consultancy, research services, and dedicated DLT-based software solutions targeted at enterprises. It was first launched by co-founder, Robert Küfner.


As the name implies, AG is securing its way to the manufacturing industry through a partnership with one of the largest industrial manufacturing enterprises in the world, DMG Mori Aktiengesellschaft. Founded in 2017, this Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) company takes no light improvement to its scalability and efficiency, allowing the exchange platform to be a reliable blockchain solution for corporates.

  1. Bitconch

This powerful brainchild of a dedicated international team of former Google, IBM, Huawei, and GE engineers spike an ambitious goal in their establishment: designing a blockchain system capable of exceeding 120,000 transactions per second, leaving Visa and others as the major traditional payment processors behind.


With such experienced team backing-up the platform, Bitconch manage to give birth to innovative consensus model called Proof of Reputation (PoR) and a decentralized reputation system, Bit-R value that when increased, would result in lower transaction cost and better benefits for users. The developers do this by deploying a dApp or node to the chain that in turn gaining more users, a higher Bit-R value, and therefore, better rewards.

  1. MetaHash

While still early in development, MetaHash is a fast, secure, and decentralized cryptocurrency based in Swiss. The unique feature MetaHash has is the capability of permitting developers to create dApps with different coding languages.


This next-generation network-based blockchain can process over 5 billion transactions per day, holding 100,000 transactions per second for each node. By being decentralized, users can add their transaction nodes to the MetaHash network, with the additional feature of multi-asset wallet, MetaHash prevents users computers from being overloaded.


Photo by Jason Appleton from Pexels

2019 is, without a doubt, the year of crypto startups.







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