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Uber launches electric motorcycles and scooters in Kenya

Uber electric scooters

UBER has introduced electric motorcycles commonly referred to as “bodabodas” into the Kenyan market. Its platform will be available for earners on Uber Connect, Uber Boda, and Uber Eats allowing riders and eaters an opportunity to choose a sustainable option for moving around.

The launch of the zero-emission ride options will give riders an opportunity to get affordable and reliable transportation to help with the green recovery. Electric UberBoda vehicles often cost the same as a regular journey. Opting for electric bodas will result in a 45% reduction in the costs for Uber Connect and Uber Boda drivers. Fuel is the biggest operating expense for most of these riders.

Brian Njao, Uber Head of East Africa pointed out that the company is “doing our part” in transform mobility across the country which will help when reducing carbon emissions. Uber is currently fixated on “reducing carbon emissions”, and improving customer experience while investing in product innovations that are transformative to cities.

Annually the bodaboda sector has a 357 billion shillings contribution to the country’s GDP. Daily collections from the 1.4 million riders across the country are Ksh 180 million, amounting to Ksh 6.8 billion in a week and Ksh 27 billion monthly. Directly and indirectly, the bodaboda sector supports over 5.2 million Kenyans.




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