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South Africa’s First Electric Solar-Powered Buses Are Running in Cape Town

Photo by Laura James from Pexels

TechInAfrica – Golden Arrow, a significant public vehicle transport service operator for Cape Town, South Africa, has formally dispatched two completely electric modes of transport to ship travelers as of July.

The Golden Arrow Bus Service (GABS) has been pushing to lessen the fossil fuel byproducts from its fleet of transports and start utilizing more sustainable sources of energy. The transport service, which has been overhauling Cape Town workers for over 160 years, started its environmentally friendly power project in 2016, with cooperation including Golden Arrow, New Southern Energy, and the City of Cape Town.

The organization, which transports around 250,000 travelers every day, authoritatively established the two electric kinds of transport on Monday. These transports are required to work among Retreat and Cape Town, obliging suburbanites who have been seriously affected by the breakdown of MetroRail’s traveler train services in the metro.

The principal period of this electric vehicle program included the establishment of a limited-scale solar power system at Golden Arrow’s primary terminal in Epping. The second and third periods of the undertaking extended this sustainable power system to incorporate 2,500 panels powered boards based on the top of GABS’ Multimech stop.

Following the underlying achievement of GABS’ solar power system, a year-long test case program was established to evaluate the practicality of transports running on sustainable solar power in the streets of Cape Town.

According to Business Insider reports, the experimental run program revealed that completely stacked electric transports had a scope of around 300km before waiting to be re-energized. The pilot preliminary was a broad one. It was provided by China’s BYD with subsidizing from the uYilo eMobility program and was directed without human travelers.

Two types of transport were tried – one was unfilled, another one was loaded up with barricades identical to the heaviness of 44 travelers.


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