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Unjani Clinics Received Donation From Imperial Logistics 

credit: Imperial Logistics

TechInAfrica – The leading South Africa logistics provider Imperial Logistics has donated R1 million to the Unjani Clinics with the purchase of 15 POCUS, point-of-care-ultrasound devices.

Included in the donation is the training of 120 healthcare professionals on using the device.

“The Unjani Clinics network already performs an estimated 40 000 scans a year, primarily for antenatal care,” Mohammed Akoojee, Group Chief Executive Officer at Imperial explained.

“The purchase of these point-of-care-ultrasound devices will allow Unjani to provide patients with diagnostic testing at the point of care, minimizing the delay between the onset of symptoms and initiation of definitive therapy.”

“The devices are designed for scanning all parts of the patient’s torso, including the heart,” said Akoojee. “The convex array provides outstanding resolution for abdominal and lung images. As such, this initiative will not only make a positive difference to the health of women in the communities that the Unjani Clinics serve, but also to all patients requiring such diagnostic services.”

Lynda Toussaint, CEO of Unjani Clinics said, “We are extremely grateful to Imperial for their continued support of Unjani Clinics. The POCUS equipment being donated is state of the art and will most definitely become a talking point in the communities in which we implement them.”

“We look forward to further enhancing services and access to affordable ultrasound services in more communities of SA.”

The 100% black women-owned clinic was launched in January 2013 to provide healthcare to low-income communities with its accessible, affordable, and quality service.



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