Upcoming Global Startup Awards Nominations and Award Categories

regional Global Startup Awards, SADC

The regional final nomination for the Global Startup Awards will kick off on 31 March. The Southern African Startup Awards application will close on seventh May this year. The application is open to all 15 Southern African Development Community (SADC) nations.

The Global Startup Awards was launched in Denmark in 2012. The annual event focuses to identify and reward the best entrepreneur. Besides awards, the successful entrepreneur will network globally. This results to an international partnership with foreign investors. Global Startup Awards Africa noted that it requires effort to establish an enterprise. The award program provides mentoring, training. The national finalists on 9th July will be publicly declared. National category voting will take place from 10th July. On the other hands, the national voting rounds to close on 27th August.

The regional finalists’ public voting will from 10th September to 20th October. Emperors Palace in Johannesburg will host the event. The grand regional final event will kick-off on 31 October 2018.  The winners will later attend annual gather for global competition. Award categories include newcomer, investor of the years, tech female role model and People’s choice. More categories best co-working space, founder of the year, best water management, student, accelerator, and incubation. Other award categories include best co-working space, best edutech, best social impact and Investor of the year.


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