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Visa Collaborates with Mobile Payment Platform Paga

credit: Paga (Medium)

TechInAfrica – Visa recognizes the urgency of helping small enterprises to participate in the digital economy, and the prospects of mobile phones to perceive this intention.

For that reason, Visa has partnered with the mobile payment application Paga. This collaboration aims to drive an application that will serve as a way to assist small business owners in building their business touch digital technology. It will include payment process, point of sale, and access to credit, through a mobile device.

To have the tremendous take-up and effect, Visa and Paga realized that the item should be merchant-centric, and fit with the necessities of the proposed clients.

Hence, it comes with information and consultation from stores in developing business sectors and focuses on being reasonable, fast, and instinctive to set up, and dependent on gadgets and applications that will be dependable and without idleness or downtime.

Stores will have the opportunity to buy a smartphone in installments, as a part of the offering. It will provide affordable prices for merchants to possess a digital device integrated with secure Visa payment acceptance and Paga’s merchant tools.

By using the Paga application, merchants will be easier to enhance their credit history and gain microloans. Eventually, they can work on their capital to expand their businesses.

Paga platform also brings a wide range of services and products. It brings the opportunity to track sales and transaction history for merchants looking to simplify their internal processes and operations. Furthermore, it will allow merchants to collect and create payments, download digital receipts, as well as card control and cash tracking.

Workers can be prepared with their accounts and consents. Hence, the owner and their staff would all use the devices for their jobs. There are various payment processes for assisting client’s preferences. They are card payment, NFC tap, QR codes, and payment links.



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