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New Survey: Most Kenyan SMEs Utilize M-Pesa for Payments

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TechInAfrica – According to Business Daily Africa, a new survey conveyed by Amethyst Consultants about SME knowledge of banking products in Kenya revealed that more than 90% of Kenyan SMEs (9 out of 10 companies) utilize M-Pesa, Vodafone’s mobile service.

Taking place for more than one month, during March and April 2021, the survey authorized by SNDBX involved 131 small to medium enterprises (SMEs) from 17 main sectors. Amethyst Consultants Founding Director, Sharon Mbugua, mentioned that the survey was conducted to gain information on SMEs ‘ ways to continue their business for a better future in 2021.

Besides highlighting SMEs’ steps to face 2021, Amethyst Consultants also provides insight into how SMEs promote their products. It is reported that most SMEs in Kenya are using Facebook and the business feature from the platform for their simplicity and ease of access.

The government of Kenya also restated its duty in assisting small to medium enterprises in the country.

Maureen Mbaka, Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs, stated that the government helped many small to medium enterprises in Kenya by performing an essential part in stimulating the development in the SME sector through incentives that draw investment. It is also doing enterprise with SMEs, presenting SMEs market publicity through government-supported expos, [and] capability building.

They report that the public authority likewise aids SMEs through innovative work development funding to quicken the development and the improvement of the foundation to advance business access.

The Big Baraza SME Conference

“Big Baraza” virtual SME conference becomes the first conference organized by SME Entrepreneurs in Kenya, according to the report revealed at SNDBX.

Supported by Facebook and Jubilee Health Insurance with over 30 exhibitors, the “Big Baraza” virtual SME conference pulled in more than 1700 enrollments with a normal of 200 members for each meeting.


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