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Wayja Released Peer-to-Peer Betting Platform

Source: Wayja

TechInAfrica – Founded by Reece Jacobsen and Clinton Holroyd, SA-based startup Wayja is betting its way through the country’s gambling industry with the launch of its cashless peer-to-peer betting platform.

“Everybody loves that feeling of winning bragging rights over your peers. We see countless bets being placed in everyday situations between friends, colleagues, and counterparts. If you’ve ever been in an office pool on Superbru, making bets on the golf course, or even if you’re making bets with friends over who will be the next to get married – then this is for you. Wayja is there to make informal betting simple, quick and cashless,”. Wayja CEO Reece Jacobsen said.

Co-founder Clinton Holroyd said, “The potential for scale is what makes this such an exciting venture for us – we’re already making headway into switching Wayja on in key international markets such as the US, UK, India, and Nigeria all while gaining further traction here within the South African market.”

“Our first few weeks in business have been very encouraging and have strengthened the conviction that we’ve built a platform that is filling a gap in the market. We believe that these early sign-ups will snowball as more people get exposed to the platform. The informal bet against friends is not a new phenomenon by any stretch, but Wayja truly brings it into the modern era.”



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