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Welcoming Cisco’s New South Africa Country Manager


TechInAfrica – If you’re a tech enthusiast or at least a digitally-savvy individual, chances are the name Cisco poses as no stranger to your ears. Originally founded in December 1984 by Sandy Lerner, a director of computer facilities for the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Cisco has continued to develop itself in becoming one of the most renowned tech companies to date. Its current headquarters are in San Jose, California, at the heart of Silicon Valley. Cisco operates and manufactures networking hardware, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products.

Only recently, the 34-year old firm appoints the new country manager to oversee all operations in South Africa. Garsen Naidu, the man who’s at the receiving end of this notion, has been with the company for roughly eight years—and have proved more than his own competency in his previous position as the head of the partner and system engineering organizations for Sub-Saharan Africa for two years.

Cisco plans to train 1 million students by Cisco Connect via

Clayton Naidoo, General Manager of Cisco in Sub-Saharan Africa, professed that Naidu has led a team that is ‘focused on unearthing partnerships that enhance the digital transformation journeys of Cisco customers.’

Aside from his last position, it’s recorded that Naidu initially joined Cisco circa 2011 as an account manager. Following that, Naidu was later appointed as a client executive circa 2012 before eventually gaining a position as the regional sales manager for the public sector and enterprise solutions circa 2014.

With the newly-appointed country manager, Cisco also implicitly hopes that the only way to go is upwards; towards creating a more sustainable technology sector for South Africa—and eventually reaching out to other regions of Africa.



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