West Africa edtech start-up pioneers a No-Code training campaign in Africa

Kabakoo Academies

Mali edtech startup Kabakoo Academies has once again maintained its position as an African tech learning platform. The no-code training program will focus on the West Africa region. Kabakoo is at the front of the new trend where people can design apps without having to code. This new form of training boosts their employability while increasing their entrepreneurial prospects in today’smodern world. The bold approach earned Kabakoo the Zoom EdInnovation Award which came with funding from Zoom.

Kabakoo has launched the first program in March 2021 at the Bamako Campus with twenty learners eager for a chance to take part in the first ‘no code training program’.Kabakoo relies on no-code skills to boost the employability of learners in handling the local entrepreneurship projects.

Kabakoo’s “FullStack” program is coached by word-class mentors where learners gain full proficiency from no-code tools when creating websites, mobile applications, data management projects, and automation. Kabakoo was co-designed alongside Contournement (Europe’sleading no-code trainer) in a training session that aims to master key tools such as Airtable, Glide, Zapier, Adalo, and Dorick.

Kabakoo has established strong partnerships with Notion, a leading no-code app supporting its activities through the impact program. Among the six winners of the Zoom EdInnovation Award, Kabakoo is the only African and francophone world.


Original source: Aithority


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