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With the launch of Breach, African writers now have an alternative to Substack and Medium.


Writing on the internet is at an all-time high, and more than ever, readers’ appetites for high-quality work has increased.Content platforms and collectives are being set up worldwide to help writers write high-quality content for a large audience.

These companies and groups give writers an easy way to get their work online, make money from it, and improve their writing by getting feedback from the community and sharing information.

Everypto ,a group of writers established a thriving community of business writers and developed Lex, a word processor powered by artificial intelligence that could potentially eliminate writer’s block. The latest company to join this trend is Breach, an African content platform. It gives writers on the continent a place to write, edit, publish, and share their work.

Breach, a product of the cryptocurrency company Nestcoin, was previously a website that educated readers on crypto content and assisted them in making better investment decisions. It had over 100,000 subscribers across five newsletters before pivoting into a content platform. Breach realized there was an opportunity to build more after speaking with the community of readers it had assembled.

After coming to this conclusion, Breach decided to change its direction and completely become a platform for creators. The Breach had firsthand experience working as a publication, so the company was aware of the laborious writing process and wanted to find a way to make it more efficient.

To accomplish this, Breach provides writers access to a community of like-minded individuals with whom they can share ideas, collaborate, and support one another on their collective creative journey.

In its role as a creator platform, Breach will provide editorial support to some of its writers. Additionally, it will open up its community of 100,000 users to the writers who publish on its platform by promoting prolific articles.

To encourage good writing, Breach will check the skills and experience of writers who want to join its platform. The platform will also make it easy for writers with accounts on Substack and Medium to move their articles to its platform without any problems.

This means that creators don’t miss a beat when they switch from other platforms to ours. It also means that creators can try out our platform while keeping their lists on their other sites while they get used to it.

All of this means that switching to our platform is a smooth, risk-free process,” Breach said in a statement to TechCabal.Every media company struggles with monetization somehow, and Breach has some ideas about how it will head-on to confront this challenge. It investigates the possibility of creating tips, such as on Twitter, Patreon, or paid subscriptions. It is also considering providing its creators with ad space for sponsorship.

Users in Africa who use Substack, a global content platform, have trouble getting paid because Stripe’s payment processor doesn’t work on the continent. If Breach can find a way to fix this problem, it will bring African creators to its platform.




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